Travis Scott performing live music show concert on night club stage.

How to Dress Like Travis Scott: A Style Guide for Fans

Travis Scott performing live music show concert on night club stage.

If you know Travis Scott, you know he's a fashion icon in the music world. While mainly women in music are classified as fashion icons, Travis Scott is one of the few males who's joined this exclusive group of artists. If you feel Travis Scott's style is exactly what you want and need to make it your own, here's a guide to help you get started.

You Can Dress Just Like Travis Scott 

Travis Scott makes his drip look effortless. He's a big fan of some specific fabrics, styles, and brands. Let's take a look at the pieces Travis Scott uses now:

Grunge Streetwear


  • Flannel isn't just for the grunge era. Travis Scott's wardrobe is full of flannel tops, and they're all natty. Flannel isn't just fashionable on Travis Scott. It's become a part of who he is. Keep it clean and soft, and you'll be rocking luxury streetwear like Travis Scott.
  • Wearing a flannel without a graphic tee underneath is just lousy fashion sense, especially if you're going for Travis Scott's fashion vibes. He has a coordinated t-shirt under those high-end flannels, so take your pick. This is the perfect opportunity to dress like Travis Scott while injecting a bit of your own flair.
  • What pants should you wear with your flannel and tee? Travis Scott has an affinity for cargo pants. Baggy pants with tons of pockets are the only choice in this case.

The New Man in Black


  • Simple, black pieces don't always work, but Travis knows how to do it without breaking a sweat. The rapper knows that when going with an all-black outfit, it's essential to vary the shades of black, textures, and cuts. Using this method can make a simple, black outfit new over and over again.
  • Just because an outfit is black doesn't mean Travis Scott won't add some extra flair. Add brass buttons, chains, or other metallic accessories to give your style some depth.

Retro Hoodie and Bomber Jacket


  • If you're not layering your hoodies, you're missing out on an opportunity to take a Travis Scott style and make it your own. Travis Scott dominates this look with the right bomber jacket over the perfect hoodie.
  • Make sure your hoodie doesn't clash with your bomber jacket. Balance your dark hoodie with a brighter satin bomber jacket. Get this balance right, and you'll be rocking your own version of a Travis Scott fashion trend.
  • Choose your pants wisely. If you can offset the bomber off of a darkly colored, matte hoodie and jeans, you'll nail this look.

Leather & Suede


  • Even if you've had a bad experience with leather pants, it's time to consider trying them again. Travis Scott's been photographed in his shiny, black leather pants, and they're not hugging his legs like leather pants of the past were known to do. While they might still be warm while wearing them, they just look too cool to pass on.
  • Black leather paired with a neutral suede jacket blends two different textures much better than you would think. Thankfully for us, Travis Scott saw the combination's potential. An earth-toned, simple-cut jacket is perfect here.
  • Don't be tempted to make a statement with your T-shirt underneath your jacket. Go simple with black or white. A simple graphic tee might work if you're determined to make the outfit your own.
  • For those uncomfortable with genuine leather and suede, you can still get the look with faux versions. 

Footwear Is a Statement All on Its Own


  • Sneakerheads know that Travis Scott is one of their own. The difference between them and Travis Scott is that the rapper isn't afraid to wear even the most expensive sneakers out and about. 
  • Vans are cool. Travis Scott knows it, and you should know it too. Get yourself a pair or two now.
  • Don't discount a good pair of slides. They're instrumental while traveling or hanging out.

More Travis Scott Style Tips

Travis Scott knows he has to have lots of variety in his fashion choices. Luckily, many trends allow for him to mix and match depending on the season, color, or occasion he's dressing for, and they include:

  • Don't be afraid to wear pink. The belief that pink is only to be worn by women is outdated, and Travis Scott easily incorporates it into his wardrobe. If pink's not your thing, try light blue or white instead.
  • Wear bright colors with confidence. If nothing else, Travis Scott's fashion radiates and inspires confidence. Balance your brights with neutrals according to your taste, and strut down the street knowing you look chic.
  • Don't leave out eyewear. The key is keeping your sunglasses as relaxed and effortless as your outfit.
  • Choose earth tones like brown, black, and green if in doubt. This should be easy if you're making Travis Scott's style your own. Add some earth-toned cargo pants to your ensemble, and you should be ready.
  • Leave things loose. Buy the baggy version of just about everything except for footwear. That definitely isn't an exclusive Travis Scott fashion trend.
  • Did you know that Travis Scott has an affinity for Tokyo brands? He's helped some relatively unknown brands get attention in the fashion world. If he's wearing it and you're just hearing about it, check it out.
  • Buy your favorite vintage tees and incorporate them into your take on Travis Scott's style.
  • Accessorize with sunglasses, hats, necklaces, chain wallets, and whatever works with your take on Travis Scott's style. You can even select luggage and canvas bags to work with your fashion choices.

Travis Scott knows fashion. He's made his style so appealing that fans can't wait to see what he'll put together for his next event. While his fashion budget is limitless, you can still enjoy dressing like your favorite rap and fashion icon within your budget.

You Can Take Travis Scott's Fashion and Use It to Inspire Your Own Style

Travis Scott loves vintage looks. But you don't need to hunt for the kind of store that sells vintage items like the ones Travis has in his closet. 

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